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Translating Brazil and politics everywhere.

Who We Are.

Political risk analysis as a tool for value generation.

Dharma Political Risk and Strategy was founded with the prior mission of translating the political ambience of an unstable democracy for its clients.

In a political environment permeated by growing risks for all kinds of businesses, by having the support of an organization committed to investigating, monitoring, analyzing, and outlining detailed strategic recommendations as a response to political and regulatory risks, our clients can feel more secure and become more prepared to face potential storms that may affect their business, their financial performance, as well as institutional reputation.

Founding partner of Dharma Political Risk and Strategy. Creomar holds a Master's degree in International Relations from the University of Brasilia and attended the PhD program in Comparative Politics at the same institution.

He was twice a fellow at the US State Department, a visiting researcher at the University of Florida in 2010 and an international observer invited by the US Embassy to follow the 2016 presidential elections. He was a member of the Deliberative Council of Irelgov (Brazilian Think Tank of Government Relations), and is a member of the Advisory Board of ENRICH in Brazil (European Union innovation initiative with Brazilian institutions) and the Advisory Board of the Brazil Foundation.

What we do



To better understand reality and measure potential political risks, we translate politics without adherence to any ideological biases.


We thoroughly advise our clients so that each of them can better prevent and mitigate political risks, improve their corporate performance, and enhance their strategic positions.


Elaboration of strategies of action that allow our clients to defend themselves more effectively from all kinds of political risks.

Each one of our products is guided by the combination of methodological robustness, analytical depth, and informational didacticism. 



In the news

Communication vehicles in which Dharma participates frequently with comments about the national and international political panorama.


“Empowering people politically is an act of belief in democracy.” – Creomar de Souza